Hi, I’m Sevak Girard

I look forward to sharing with you about all of the subjects that impact my life. My hope is to help make an impact on your life as well. If you have known me all of my life or just browsing my site for the first time, I hope to make a connection through this digital format that we are able to harness.

How amazing is it that we live in a world of technology. We are able to do things that just a short while ago was thought to be unimaginable. The odds that we are here right now on planet earth while the technology age is exploding is providing one of the biggest breakthrough moments in mankind’s history.


Check out what I am passionate about…
I hope to inspire more to become passionate!


I am passionate about family and friends why make the journey worthwhile. Surround yourself with good people and good things happen.


I am passionate about health by learning and implementing all of the new ways people are able to live a healthier lifestyle despite all of the modern day inhibitors.


I am passionate about being active and playing sports. I enjoy partaking in a wide variety of sports in sunny South Florida where there is much to do both on land and the water.

Professional Passions

Check out what I am passionate about…
I hope to inspire more to become passionate!


I am passionate about helping businesses to grow and thrive beyond their belief. In turn, I am also passionate about building my businesses.


I have always been fascinated with anything that plugs into the wall. I have a soft spot in my heart for cutting edge technology appplications.


I am passionate about music production that transcends me to another place. I have been involved with music since a small child and love producing custom music for many applications. 

Professional Experience

Business Development

Working in many industries negotiating high level contracts, I was able to gain the necessary experience to develop my own business “Girard Media” in May of 2008. The mission was to provide high quality digital media services to the masses. By delivering on thousands of projects over the last 12 years, I have built a level of trust with my clients that comes from being in the game and knowing it better than most people in the room. Business development has played a key role in the work performed ad there is a highlight on driving key traffic and leads to fuel business growth exponentiually.

Professional Experience

Sales & Marketing

In 1997 I started in Sales and Marketing at the age of 19 and worked through many industries honing my craft. The end result was a wealth of knowledge on all types of sales processes including Business to Business and Business to Consumer. I have been involved with virtually every aspect of the sales and marketing process from actually generating the lead all the way through managing a call center that are actually closing the deals as well. By understanding the entire cycle, and implementing it as well gives me a solid advantage.

Professional Experience

Web Development

I have been designing and developing for the web over the past 18 years and have sent he transitions over time happen from an industry perspective. This gives me a competitive advantage when speaking to certain subjects that involve understanding a greater dynamic including wisdom often not found in new hires fresh out of college. With a keen understanding of how the pieces of the web puzzle fit together, I am able to quickly assess and make decisions that positively impact web development projects on every level.

Professional Experience


With a passion for anything that plugs in, I am a technology buff who knows how to get it deployed into the real world. As technology is a very broad scope, I find it interesting that I would rather pick up a business book or technology manual any day of the week over any fiction. We live in a world and an age of technology and when we learn how to harness the power, we can impact many aspects of day to day life now and in the future. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence AI Technology, it is only a matter of time before this new wave of possibilities will change the way we live once again in dramatic ways. We are positioning ahead of the curve to start using AI whenever possible. 

Professional Experience

Creative design

In 1992 I started using Photoshop with no specific version number as it was the original. I was trained to design for Print as well as manage the entire production process. This experience was brought into the digital age as the internet became widely available. I started designing for the web as it became the new format. As I started producing graphics and using them in my videos, I also added additional dynamics and ways to incorporate the designs in my work. These transitions helped me to understand the critical elements and crossovers when switching and blending in between the print, web and video formats. This helps to keep the quality of the files in optimal shape and rendering for the best result on every medium.